Hear my Voice

This website is under construction... 
aren't they all!!!.

I started it at the beginning of February 2000 just to show some pictures of my Grandson. Like him it just seems to keep growing!

A tribute to my late wife Angela, I miss you very much

And here's to my new wife Sidney,

We now live happily in Florida USA

My full name is Edward Hardman
to be said with broad northern England accent. <grin>
My nickname is Mr. Odd oops I mean Edd <g> after the talking horse.


Stock photography by Eddie Hardman at Alamy
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My Alumni Page. 
Visit my old school  At Lytham St. Annes

Check out my own personal
Alumni Page Here I have old photos of school friends
and a current one of me.

Also my Nostalgia page for Granddad



I have just become a grandfather on the 23rd February 2000.
Here's some piccies of 

Joshua Eamon Hardman

My Heritage
I have updated these to a few more recent pictures.


About Me
and other boring bits...

I was born at an early age  <g>
In the Beginning.

I am also a keen Photographer
Take a look at some of em on my page and also those I have with Alamy my photo agency.


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