Eddie Hardman's

The Little House Where I live

The Little House
Bottom Ball 
(not it's real name">



Eddie Hardman's

The Little House Where I live

The Little House
Bottom Ball 
(not it's real name, see below)
WV15 6ES

Phone 01746 781525
Mob 07762103818
E-mail mredd@mredd.me.uk
Web Page www.mredd.me.uk

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Personal Information


     Marital status:  Married
     Nationality:  British white
     Place of Birth:  England

Early Employment

Up to Aug 2004 Employed at

Summary of current responsibilities

Contract Painter and Decorator for over 30 years

    Church Stretton School, Shropshire:-   Since May 1998 - August 2004

Network Manager/Systems Administrator/ Classroom Support/ Evening Class Teacher.

     Over the last six years I have designed and built the schools IT curriculum infrastructure. Sourced, ordered and installed new equipment and software. Liaised with outside contractors (Shirehall  and Technical Installations Services Telford) for the cabling etc. Maintained the existing hardware, building new computers as required.  Migrated (not upgraded) the OS from a Windows 95 workgroup to an NT Domain back in 1999 and then again to Windows 2000 in 2002 using Active Directory and Group Policies for controlling the security and integrity of the network from hackers and viruses. (I am quite proud of the extent of security I have managed to achieve in the school)

     I also take care of the administration computers, which means all together I now have well over 180 workstations on the network including 5 servers. Originally there were only 16 machines in a workgroup when I started my employment at the school. I have created nearly 800 users accounts. I also maintain the schools e-mail on an Exchange server I built and configured myself; I have developed an extensive Intranet consisting of many departmental sections for various curriculum subjects and also the school's web presence. see www.churchstretton.shropshire.sch.uk This site has now changed since I left my employ at the school.

     I also work for SCAT conducting evening classes at the school. I teach basic word processing, spreadsheets and databases. I specialize in computer graphics and the Internet . Other subjects range from Computers for beginners, the Internet and How to upgrade or build your own computer. Some of the resources I use can be downloaded from this web site/

The school took on an outside company to manage the network and I became redundant in August 2004. I have been working temporarily in my old trade of Painting and Decorating while I look for more work preferable back at a school or for a public service organisation.


   Basic secondary schooling.  After my return from Australia in 1996 – 1998 I attended SCAT at Bridgnorth Collage and also TCAT in Wellington studying computers and an Adult Teachers Certificate 730.


Professional experience

    1970 – 1995: - Self employed in family painting and decorating business in Australia

     I Liaised with clients providing quotations, ordered materials, organized workforce. I was project manager on various extensive constructions. During this time I employed many people peaking at 8 full time staff (including office staff) and over 20 subcontractors.

    1960-70 - Served apprenticeship in painting and decorating eventually becoming self employed in 1966 until we immigrated to Australia in 1970 where I once again became self employed.


Community activities

     Conducting evening computer classes.  Involved in various extra curriculum activities at the school. I am also a keen amateur  photographer and member of the Nikon Camera Club


    Mike Unsworth: - Deputy Headmaster at school.  01694 722209 (retired)

      Kevin Hart: - Proprietor Burway Computer Services. 01694 722520

     Russell Dodd: - Technical Installations Services  01952 290290

     Mr and Mrs Ingo Eavers  I am decorating their house  Email me for their phone number and address


 Please Note:- I had to change the name of the Hall where I live as the owners were upset that burglars maybe able to find the place on the net using search engines.  If you print my card at the top of the page you will get my full address.  Also you can view my home by clicking on the Where I live link above.


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