My Alumni Page

My most recent picture">



My Alumni Page

My most recent picture,
This was taken at 10.30 am on the 5/6/2002

Some of my old school friends are now getting in touch through Friends Reunited. Those that are interested I can put a link to them from here.  I would love to have a reunion.  As I live in the midlands now I thought my place would be a good place to meet.  Or we could arrange a venue in St Annes.  Let me know?

Check here for Ansdell School Alumni page.

So far I have heard from...

Linda Highfield

Elizabeth Warren


Linda sent me these old photos.  Any one else got pictures we could share here?
If you are using Internet Explorer 6 you can right click on a picture and select Zoom In from the context menu.

Me holding Dave's legs up
You have to remember that these picture predate the Beatles.


Dave Hallewell, Tom or Alistair? and me
Unfortunately Dave died a while ago


Me Dave and Alistair.
Where are you Alistair?
I remembered I once had a pair of black jeans with white piping around the pockets.  Getting this picture from Linda was a thrill to see them again.

Jennifer Cooper
Whatever happened to her?

I believe that is my hand reaching over Dave,
I recognize the
broken knuckle I still have

Jennifer playing with someone else's legs

Linda and Dave

Me and Dave on top of the waterfall

Linda at Lytham Windmill

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