On this page you can find information 
on how to use Paint Shop Pro tools to 
create your digital oil painting.

Note:-  Use the Back and Forward buttons to move between these pages.

Open Paint Shop Pro
Click File/New and Open a new page or image frame.  You can select any size but for this training exorcise use the suggested width and height of 300 x 300 pixels.

Save  it with whatever name you choose plus a 01.
Save each stage with an increment in the number so that you can always revert back to the last stage if anything goes wrong. 

By-the-way...  The larger the frame or canvas size the larger the file size your computer has to deal with. You have been warned!



If you create your own blend of colours you can add them to your pallet by clicking the Add Custom button.

To find any tool just allow the mouse to hover over a button and a message will appear telling you it's function.

 Stage 1