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A visit to Cosforth Aerospace Museum

A visit to Lytham St Annes

My father-in-law now lives with us after returning from Australia.  We are taking him around his old stamping grounds and he really enjoys these nostalgia trips.  We recently took him to High Ercal where he worked for the Air Defence during the war. He started to remember some of the events he was involved in during this period.  He was the flight engineer for some of the test pilots as the aircraft came of the production line. He met Amy Johnson a number of times and he often worked on the team that prepared her aircraft.  He also flagged in the Queen's aircraft when she visited just before the place was closed down in 1956.  Below are a couple of picture I took as we viewed the hangers and fields he remembers so well.  Now they are farmed and some of the buildings are being used for asylum seekers and refugees from Europe.

To view these pictures closer just right click on them  and then select the zoom in option.

High fives with his great grandson Josh

Reminiscing  about the hangers at High Ercal

In deep conversation with Angela about his old job

The building on the left was where the security police checked everyone in and out.
Zoom in and you can see some strange cones on the side of the road.

Main Entrance showing the water tower

The hangers off in the distance